Merit Marks

Merit Marks are awarded each year to members who volunteered
time and effort for the betterment of boating education, boating
safety, membership recruitment, membership retention, public
awareness of USPS, District 9 or the local squadron.

Members earn one merit mark each year.  
       Earn five (5) merit marks and you become a Senior Member.

Earn 25 merit marks and you become a  Life Member,
        who no longer has to pay dues.  
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How to Submit Merit Marks

Merit Marks are due to USPS in November.  Each member of the squadron
needs to make a list of the duties and hours of service they have performed for
the squadron.  Each class coordinator and committee chairperson should
make a list of members who taught classes or served actively on a committee,
noting the dates and hours involved.  Please include the members name and
certificate number (as listed in the roster).  Send to Merit Mark Committee.

This list or résumé should be sent no later than October 12 to the Merit Marks
Committee so that they have time to review before sending report to USPS.  
Send merit mark information to:  
       Nils Strand, 215 Dogwood Trail, Battle Creek MI 49017-5221 or to
             Nils at

Include your name and membership or certificate ID (found in roster)
       List activity and date, date range or approximate date, name of committee
       chair or activity coordinator, and number of hours. Please be as specific
       as possible with dates, as final review is made by USPS.

If you don’t feel you did enough to deserve a merit mark, be sure to increase
your involvement this year by joining a committee or volunteering.  Check
committee list in front of roster and call chairperson to see how you can help.

       This squadron is powered by volunteers !