2010 Annual Meeting & Change of Watch
2010 KSPS Bridge and Executive Officers Being Sworn In
P/C Karen S. Strand, AP
is recognized as the KSPS
Outstanding Member for
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron
is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS)
Above Cdr Elect Gary W. Bleyer
just prior to being sworn in by District 9
Commander Elect James Draper.
Above:  Maribeth and Jerry Hendrickson, Lois Whitmore,
Bruce and Judy Dorais, as P/C Harold Hladky
announces Nominating Committee's Slate of Officers.   
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2010 Bridge and Executive Officers being sworn in. Standing: P/C Bill Soule (his back),
Treasurer P/C Nils Strand, 1st/Lt Dan Seng, 1st/Lt George Tyler (behind Dan), 1st/Lt Maris
Soule, 1st/Lt Ron Gustafson, P/C Harold Hladky, SEO Wally Corder, Secretary. Lyn Bleyer,
and Executive Officer Dan Livingston.  Missing from photo:  Admin. Officer Roger Todd and
P/C Lois Whitmore. Seated: 2009 Chaplain Phyllis Buskirk, Maribeth and Jerry Hendrickson.
2010 KSPS Change of Watch - Head Table
D/Lt/C Lynn Draper, D/XO James Draper, Maris Soule, Cdr Bill Soule, Gary and Lyn Bleyer

Several attendees
chat after dinner
including in
Judy Dorais,
George Gerpheide,
Scott Levene,  
Wally Corder and
Phyllis Buskirk.
Linda Mills before meeting