• Offering boating safety courses is a traditional civic
    service of the United States Power Squadrons. For over
    half-a-century, KSPS has offered public courses to
    anyone who wished to attend. To date thousands of
    residents of Southwest Michigan have taken boating

  • Currently KSPS offers Americas' Boating Course,
    (formerly Boat Smart) a course designed to cover topics
    useful to the angler in an outboard, or to the skipper of
    a large cruiser or sailboat, as well as those operating
    Personal Water Craft PWC or wave runners.

  • Successful completion qualifies you for a discount on
    boat insurance rates from most insurance companies
    and membership in USPS and KSPS.

  • There is also a home-study version available.

  • A special boating course for youth ages 12 to 17 is
    offered when there is interest.

  • KSPS also offers member discounted courses.
    Beginning in 2011, non-members may also take these
    courses, but there is a substantially lower cost per topic
    for USPS and KSPS members.
  • The Experienced Boater program recognizes that many experienced boaters have
    already mastered the fundamentals of safe boating.  Therefore, we are making
    available to experienced boaters the opportunity to demonstrate their qualification
    for KSPS membership through a skills evaluation process.   For more information,
    please contact our Squadron Education Officer: Jim Johnston  (269) 375-8441.
  Leave a message with "boating course info.", your name and number.

  • Guides and Seminars:  A series of short guides on a wide variety of subjects of
    interest to boaters are also available; these are known as USPS Guides. Some
    Guides are also available to the public at various marine supply stores and book
    stores. These items may be used in USPS® classroom courses and seminars or for
    home study.  Click here for link to seminar topics.   
Public Boating Courses
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America's Boating Course
The state of Michigan has taken steps to make
boating education mandatory
Beginning November 1, 2012, a person who is born
on or after July 1, 1996 shall not operate a motorboat
on the waters of Michigan unless the person has been
issued and is in possession of a boating safety
 By the year 2050 that will include everyone
under the age of 54.  
School Closing

If school is cancelled due to
weather or any reason, then the
ABC or DNR at that school is
also cancelled.  The class will
be made up.  
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