Member Courses
Beginning in 2011, non-members may take these classes. However,  
only members earn advanced grade recognition, and
members cost for classes are discounted,
making it wise to join if you plan to take more than one course.
Advanced Grades
The Advanced Grades are a series of in-depth navigational courses. While they are open
to the public, only a squadron member is awarded a "grade-level".
A member's "grade" is determined by the highest advanced level course completed.
Letter grades may appear in USPS printed materials while insignia appear on a member's
uniform. Descriptions of these courses, as well as the letter grades and insignia, are given
on the
Advanced Grades page.  S = Seamanship, P = Piloting, AP = Advanced Piloting,
JN = Junior Navigation, N = Navigation.  

Elective Courses
A wide array of courses that cover related boating topics other than navigation are also
offered as part of the course curriculum for members. Descriptions of these courses are
given on the
Elective Courses page.

Recognition Levels
USPS awards grades to its members to indicate how far they have progressed in the
continuing education program. Since one of the USPS objectives is boating safety through
education, USPS encourages every member to strive to achieve the Educational
Proficiency level, with the ultimate goal being that of the Educational Achievement Award.
Educational Proficiency Insignia
Members completing a grade level of at least Advanced
Piloting (AP) and three Elective Courses receives the
Educational Proficiency Award.  Shown to the right is an AP
insignia with the Educational Proficiency bar below it.
Members completing all Advanced Grade
navigational courses leads to Navigator (N) and if
that person has completed all Elective Courses
receives the Educational Achievement Award.  
This award, also known as the Senior Navigator
award, is the highest educational recognition
Educational Achievement Insignia
awarded by USPS.  Holders of this honor can be recognized in print by the "SN" following
their name. Shown here is the Educational Achievement Award insignia that you might see
on a member's uniform.
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron
is a unit of the
United States Power Squadrons®
(USPS), a nationwide non-profit
organization of boating enthusiasts.
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