Courses Offered & Contacts
Boating Safety Courses
Basic and Refresher Courses
When Offered
Area code (269)
ABC Battle Creek
Mondays. -  
Jim Johnston
Jim 375-844 or
Lyn 731-5601
Intro to Charting (Chart Smart)
(ABC - Chapter 5)
Harold or Jim
Harold 274-1995
ABC Kalamazoo
Thurdays -  
Jim Johnston
Jim 375-8441
ABC Portage
Mondays- April
Jim Johnston
Jim 375-8441
DNR Boating Safety for Youth
When needed
Harold or
Gail Hladky
Harold 274-1995
Advanced Courses  (offered when 4 or more members want a class) Check your
most recent
Pilot newsletter for current dates or contact instructor.
Member ONLY Courses
When Offered
All (269)
(D Hansen / G Gerpheide)
Advanced Piloting
Junior Navigation
Every other Spring
Fall (as needed)
Spring (as needed)
Based on demand
Based on demand
Karen Strand

Robert Landeros
Robert Landeros
Karen 964-6690  
Geo 375-4024

Bob 501-2757
Bob 501-2757
Open to nonmembers
Typically offered:
Cruise Planning
Engine Maintenance
Instructor Development
Marine Electronics
Operations Training
Saiing and Advanced Sail
Weather  (G. Tyler & H. Hladky)
Every other Spring
Wed. - Winter
Based on need
Fall (as needed)
based on need
Spring (as needed)
Fall (as needed)
Karen Strand

Lois Whitmore
Gary Bleyer
Jim Johnston
George Tyler
Harold Hladky
Karen 964-6690

Lois 345-4521
Gary 731-5601
Wally 312-8876
George 671-4560
Harold  274-1995
IT'S THE LAW. A state approved safe boating class is required for persons born after 1978
who wish to operate a
Personal Water Craft (PWC) or persons older than age 12 and born
1996 who want to operate a boat of 6 hp or more on Michigan waters.  If you are within
these age groups you must carry the boating certificate with you while operating a PWC or
motorized boat. There is a stiff fine up to $100 for not having a boating class certificate.
Marinas may not rent a PWC to anyone born after 1978 without the boating certificate.

America's Boating Course or ABC-3 is offered late winter/ early spring in Battle Creek, and
offered both fall and winter in Kalamazoo.  ABC is perfect for those just getting into boating,
who want to brush-up on their boating basics, or for those who are trying to decide what boat
to purchase.  Contact class coordinator by phone or email.  ABC and Youth Class

Boating Safety for Youth
is offered late winter/early spring in Kalamazoo.   Rather than drive
to Kalamazoo, young adults may take the ABC class in Battle Creek to earn their certificate.
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron
is a unit of the
United States Power Squadrons®
(USPS), a nationwide non-profit
organization of boating enthusiasts.
Note:  all phone numbers above have a
269 area code.  Those beginning with
96x- or 274 are local for Battle Creek.
781- is Marshall in Calhoun County.
671 - is Fair Lake area in Barry Co.
All other numbers are Kalamazoo.
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