America's Boating Course Description
America's Boating Course ABC-3 (formerly Boat Smart)
is a course for all boaters - the personal watercraft operator;
the hunter or fisherman operating an outboard utility boat; the
skipper of a family cruiser; or the sailing enthusiast.

America's Boating Course is designed for both new and
experienced boaters. It is taught by knowledgeable volunteer
members of the Kalamazoo Sail and Power Squadron. The
sessions cover boat terms and types, knots, boat handling,
regulations, navigational aids, marine radio, adverse
conditions, trailering and PWC use.  Course is 8 hours
(usually 2 hrs/nite 5 weeks with test on the final night of class).
Introduction to Charting is a companion course to ABC and teaches students how
to read and use a nautical chart to safely plot a course. Course is 4 hours.

DNR - Boating Safety for Youth  All ages welcome, but class geared for ages 12
to 17. Participants must pass the 8 hour class with a score of 70% or higher.
All students should bring two no. 2 pencils and their social security number.
DNR = Department of Natural Resources.
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New state law requires Boater Education of all persons
born after 1978 age 14 and older,  who wish to operate a PWC and
born after 1996, age 12 and older who wish to operate a boat of 6 hp or more
on Michigan waters.
Passing the ABC and DNR exams will provide Boater Education certification.

“Come for the Boating Education…
Stay for the Friends”